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《The Hero Academy II》






In this young, creative anime-based drama, the spiritual world prepares for an impending clash!

The hero academy gives both Tianyou and Lingfei a Mengchong (pet) and sends them on an internship mission to investigate the demon- calling device, yet their opinions clash against each others'. Siaoyun's new troupe member Mo Yichen activates the demon-calling device, causing actors to be controlled by their inner demons. Mo commands his orc army while Tianyou and Lingfei cast a shelter to protect Siaoyun, barely saving her. Wuyaner uses the demon-calling device to summon Mo, and Mo uses his last remaining willpower to overcome his inner demons and help Lingfei and Tianyou defeat Wuyaner. The trio successfully reclaims the demon-calling device and completes the internship mission.

About 140 min. including a 15 min. intermission

KSAF X Weiwuying
The Young Singers Project of Traditional Taiwanese Drama. Performers and instructors