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Love Actually in Concert




2018/03/17 19:00
Reserved space B
2018/03/18 19:00
Reserved space B




A must-see and heart-warming romantic comedy of this century.

Love Actually, which features a huge cast of Hollywood stars, is considered by movie fans to be a classic, heartwarming Christmas movie with a festive atmosphere that highlights the different types of love that exist in our lives. The Love Actually in Concert, produced to pay tributes to the romantic classic.

The Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra, led by American conductor Thiago Tiberio, will play the film scores along with a rich collection of pop songs in Love Actually including Here with me by Dido, Turn me on by Norah Jones, and Sweetest Goodbye by Maroon 5. The melodious, moving live performance delivered by the orchestra will allow the audience to reflect on the ups and downs of love, experiencing what it is like to love and be loved, and the sense of happiness that it elicits.