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Music on the Tongue : Chamber music series




2018/06/30 11:00
ARTCO.C6 Bistro and Bar
2018/07/01 11:00
ARTCO.C6 Bistro and Bar


2,000 (服務費另計、不含酒水)


When music dances on the tongue through gourmet food,

a magnificent auditory and gustatory feast is served!

The Chamber Music Series, highly popular among gourmet-lovers as well as music connoisseurs, is back to serenade your senses again in 2018! The concurrent savoring of excellent food and live music allows you to indulge in a luxurious and unforgettable experience of enjoying chamber music in a restaurant.

Back by popular demand by both music and food lovers after its highly successful run in 2017, the Chamber Music Series is making a return at the invitation of Kaohsiung's very own Counterpoint Ensemble. This year, you will get to select from a choice of 4 different restaurants, as the musicians have partnered with 4 establishments, each with its own distinctive character, to bring you 4 different styles of music that each complement a particular type of cuisine! A sensory feast for both your ears and your taste buds will be served shortly!