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La bohème




2018/06/15 19:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center
2018/06/17 14:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center




In a letter written by American inventor Thomas Edison to Giacomo Puccini, the following statement is found: "Men die and governments change, but the songs of

La bohe?me will live forever."

Someone once said, "If you really want to know Giacomo Puccini, you have to watch La bohe?me." Written by Puccini at age 38, La bohe?me can be said to be a mirror of the master composer's life as well as an ode to his departed youth.

In this Opera, Puccini tells the story of 4 impoverished young artists in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Through the laughter and tears in this story of life and love, the tale recounts the love and freedom that are beyond worldly material concerns. Even after a century's passage, the message still rings true.

The characters in La bohe?me are each of them distinctive and lively. Their simultaneously rich and subtle emotions are highlighted by expert musical expression. The result is a vivid portrayal of the lives of people living in the gutters of society. It is therefore no surprise that the opera gained rapid fame and status, rising to become the most popular and iconic work of its time. La bohe?me is one of Puccini's most successful works, as well as a true classic in the history of opera.

About 140 min. including a 15 min. intermission

Stage Director: Matthew Barclay

Conductor: Chih-Chin Yang

Singer: Inna Dukach Massimo Giordano Byung Woo Paul Kong Julian Lo

Fang-Hao Chao Chi-Chen Chiang Ming-Mou Hsieh Ying-Jen Yao

Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra