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Tang San Zang

The hardest thing in life is to be yourself, then to retrieve Buddhist scriptures.

In the 3rd year of the Zhenguan Era of the Tang dynasty, China suffers from great social turmoil. To save the dynasty, a group of pilgrims acts by the Mandate of Heaven and embarks on a journey to a sacred land to retrieve mysterious Buddhist scriptures.

Although the journey is arduous, it is nothing compared to maintaininglive stream popularity for being required to play commercials while fighting off monsters and demons, coming up with new tricks toprompt viewersdonations , and dealing with hardcore fans who show up to express their love in violent ways.

This is not the story of Journey to the West but rather another one of a group of people traveling to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. This 'Lively' version of Journey to the West will truly become the most savage reinterpretation of the original.


About 100 min. without intermission.