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Yo, Carmen




2018/05/26 19:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center
2018/05/27 14:30
Jhihde Hall, Cultural Center




By the energy and wildness of dancers and the elegant demeanor of masters, flawlessly interprets the symbol of women's joy, freedom, and love Carmen

"The dance Works Yo, Carmen that is not just an object in the eyes of men or an individual. Instead, there is universal to the Carmen."

Mari?a Page?s wishes to challenge the preconceptions that the name "Carmen" evokes, preconceptions engendered by a male-dominated society that sees "Carmen" as synonymous with passion and desire. Through her choreography, Mari?a Page?s hopes to redefine the notion of desire by transforming it into an emotive expression that preserves life, happiness, autonomy, and freedom. Live singing and music are blended with fervent choreography to flaunt the passions of women eager to share with the world their pursuit of love, happiness, and freedom.

Mari?a Page?s Was awarded the National Prize for Dance (Creation). She is seen as the most successful successor and innovator in the world of flamenco. "Yo, Carmen," which she choreographed herself, premiered in 2015 to raving reviews, and has since been performed in various countries such as Singapore, Japan, Russia, France, the U.K., and Spain etc.

About 90 min. without intermission

Spain Mari?a Page?s Company