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The Demon-attracting Fragrance






Despite possessing rare and unique fragrances,

one is unable to manipulate love or the fate of his family members.

Li Chengyu was born in a fragrance-making family. Her father adopted a boy named Li Jhihyu. Jhihyu yearns for his adoptive parents' recognition yet repeatedly finds his hope in vain, causing him to hold a grudge against them. A little white fox saved by Chengyu when she was young transforms into a girl named Gu Cingshuang. She disguises herself as a man and leaves the mountain. Later, through the scent, Gu identifies Chengyu as the person who saved her life. A western fragrance maker named Shi Zixiao looks down on Chinese fragrance makers and issues a challenge to the Li family. Chengyu won with the help of Cingshuang. Shi Zixiao is bitter about the result and plans to take revenge on them. This story of fragrance making elucidates people's love for their lovers and family members as well as their greed and selfish desires.

About 140 min. including a 15 min. intermission

Taiwan /ShiuKimn Taiwanese Opera Troupe.