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Witness the Fortress




2018/03/03 19:00
Reserved space B
2018/03/04 19:00
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Why is Zuoying called the old city? Where is the new city?

This hundred-year-old and first stone city in Taiwan is showing its beauty and sorrow to the world.

The program is performed by three winners of national prizes for literature and art: Lee Xiao-ping, director; Tang Mei-yun, and Wang Hai-ling together with matinee idols from many Taiwanese opera troupes at the historical site of Zuoying Old City to depict Kaohsiung's prosperity and vicissitudes. With a top-notch production assembly, 500 all-star performers along with nearly a hundred musicians in the Chinese orchestra giving a live performance with "civil" and "martial" scenes, they create an unprecedented masterwork of traditional performing arts.

We invite tens of thousands of citizens to come and revisit the former glory of Zuoying Old City.

About 110min. without intermission