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An extraordinary merger of cinematic and theatrical art, "Historia de Amor" isn't easy in its message or story, but just try to look away - Los Angeles Times

An English literature professor saw the young Sophia on the subway, and fell immediately and madly in love with her. When the line between fantasy and reality blurred, he followed Sophia home, where he made her his prisoner and a sexual tool to satisfy his lustful desires by repeated physical and sexual violence. After multiple failed attempts at escaping, Sophia gradually lost her heart for the fight, and surrendered herself to her captive's twisted idea of love, as well as the alienation and indifference of modern society...

The Chilean Teatrocinema has enjoyed renowned for their imaginative and multi- media works. At their inaugural show in Kaohsiung, Teatrocinema will push the limits of visual aesthetics and technological skills to integrate lighting, live performance, and cinematic elements, to bring you a 3D display of magic realism. The intensity of the performers' emotions and the precision of their movements will draw you into a dark fairytale world crafted for adults.

About 100 min. without intermission

The performance contains naked and sound violence scenes.

Be mindful before entering the show.

Chile / Teatrocinema