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Jurassic Park in Concert




2018/03/10 19:00
Reserved space B
2018/03/11 19:00
Reserved space B




Experience the claws and roars of dinosaurs at the grassland! A classic science- fiction adventure combined with film score masterpiece.

"Jurassic Park," directed by Steven Spielberg with music by John Williams, took home 3 major Oscar awards, including Best Effects (Sound Effects Editing), Best Effects (Visual Effects), and Best Sound. The adrenaline-pumping action on screen, coupled with fast-paced and powerful music accompaniment, catapulted this film to the status of a classic in the science fiction adventure genre and fascinated dinosaur lovers of all ages.

The 2018 Grassland Concert will be brought to you by the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra with Yang Chih-chin at the helm as conductor. The orchestra will draw you into the world of Jurassic Park with their live performance of grand and exhilarating musical pieces from the movie soundtrack with a massive screen as backdrop. You will be swept through time and space into a world of jungles and screams, bearing witness to how trapped prey break out of danger and escape from their perils...


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