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2018 , KSAF , Here We Arts !!

2018 KSAF, Here We Arts !!

In the warm spring, the distance between art and people is shortened

As flowers bloom, the culture of Kaohsiung and the world is refined

Based on Kaohsiung's unique artistic atmosphere, the 2018 KSAF introduces "Here We Arts!"

Between February and July of every year, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs (Kaohsiung City Government) refines the image of Kaohsiung using the concepts of "internationality, locality, innovation, and diversity," in which outstanding performing artists and technical teams from home and abroad are gathered together to create a memorable, moving experience for visitors as well as an alluring living atmosphere for the city.

2018 marks the 9th year of the KSAF and everyone is invited to participate in this event together, creating brilliant moments for the city of Kaohsiung.

Touch the heart of every visitor through passion

and enthusiasm

Shed light on all corners of the city through performance arts

Over the past eight years, the KSAF has been embedding the whole city with a vigorous cultural atomosphere by innovative curation themes. Today marks the 3,198th day since the first opening of the KSAF, 194 shows and 419 performances have been delivered and approximately 600,000 visitors have been entertained. 2018 marks the 9th year of KSAF.

KSAF shows have been remarkably diversified and included outdoor grassland concerts, environment theaters, and international shows.

This year, over 35 shows and nearly 100 performances will be performed from late February to early July to continue the tradition. To all KSAF die-hard fans as well as new visitors, "Here We Arts!"



Bureau of Cultural Affairs , Kaohsiung City Government.

Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural and Arts Foundation

Kaohsiung Culture Foundation